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Polycarbonate Sheets

Cut to Size Polycarbonate Rectangles

Save Money By Only Purchasing The Sizes You Need. You Do Not Pay For The Waste.

Cut to size polycarbonate rectangles. These are great for greenhouse glazing, carports, canopies and conservations. You can buy the size you require which...

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Multiwall Polycarbonate Shapes

Replace Your Conservatory Roof & Order Your Shapes Online

We supply cut to size polycarbonates is a variety of shapes, for those unusual angles. All cut to size polycarbonate shapes as done to your requirements...

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Standard Rectangles Polycarbonate Sheets

Easiest Method, Just Choose The Size Sheet Big Enough For The Job And Add To Cart.

Standard polycarbonate sheet rectangles. Great for greenhouses, carports, canopies and conservatories. You can buy it to the exact measurements you need, and...

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IR Gold Cut To Size Polycarbonate Sheets

IR Gold – all the performance of solar inserts without the potential for failure

Macrolux’s IR Gold is currently the only...

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20mm Polycarbonate Sheet Standard Rectangles

Popular sizes of clear and opal standard multiwall polycarbonate are stocked for use with of off the shelf profiles on glazing...

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Blue IR ST 35mm 7 Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

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Polycarbonate Sheet With Solar Inserts

A conservatory can become almost unusable on hot sunny days because of solar heat gain, and uncomfortably cold in winter because of heat loss. This is...

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Discounted Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate At Discounted Prices For Various Reasons

Popular Sizes, Returns, End Of Line Stock, Cutting Errors, Unclaimed Sheets. Call If You Need Any More Info. Our polycarbonate Sheet cutting tolerance is...

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Greenhouse Polycarbonate Replacement Sheets

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