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Perspex Sheeting / Acrylic sheeting

Perspex SheetExtended high quality perspex sheeting. perspex is more transparent than glass and the sheet can be formed, shaped, sawed and drilled. This makes perspex sheets very versatile and tough. We can provide the perspex cut down to your measurements which cuts down and price ad wastage. Perspex has various benefits, as you can see listed above.


Perspex is an extruded high quality Acrilic sheet. Perspex is more transparent than glass. Its inherent UV resistance makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Perspex sheet can be formed, shaped, sawed and drilled. Perspex sheets also available with polished edges - meaning - When Perspex is machined on our CNC system the cutting tool leaves a tool mark on the edges. You will find that this is the case when using any kind of saw to cut Perspex. Polishing eliminates these marks and gives a neat, professional finish which is something all customers are looking for.

Perspex is an extruded high quality Acrylic sheet. Is a plastic made of polymethyl methacrylate. Often used as a cheaper, lighter and shatter resistant alternative to glass. Acrylic/Perspex’s inherent UV resilience means it is ideal for outdoor applications and can also be used as a surface to be painted on. Perspex is more transparent than glass and can be formed, shaped, sawed and drilled.
The uses:

  • Acrylic glass is commonly used for building residential and commercial aquariums. The large size of both tunnels and flat panels in aquariums such as Monterey Bay, Tokyo Sea Life Park and many more would not have been possible without the introduction of acrylic.
  • Acrylic is used for viewing ports and even complete pressure hulls of submersibles, including the Alicia Submarine’s viewing sphere.
  • The large panels around the outside of Hockey rinks to protect spectators are made from Acrylic.
  • It is used to create visors in motorcycle helmets.
  • Polycast acrylic sheet is the most widely used material for transparencies in aircraft. In applications where the aircraft is pressurized stretched acrylic is commonly used.
  • Police vehicles used for riot control often have the glass replace with acrylic to protect the occupants from thrown objects.


Acrylic sheet cut to size, perspex sheet cut to size.

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