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Acrylic Plastic Sheets

Liv Supplies is not a corporate business; we strive to bring a more personal approach to our clients. We feel customer service is a major importance and we offer products at prices that are very competitive that are sold by staff that are friendly and experienced.

Whether you're shopping for acrylic plastic sheets or skylight roofing vents Liv Supplies can help. We understand the sudden demand for plastics and other such materials. With greenhouses and conservatories becoming more popular contractors are constantly looking for suppliers that can offer not only great quality products but are friendly and experienced; Liv Supplies is that company.

Liv Supplies is a family run business with most of the employees been family members, friends or old work colleagues and with years of experience between us we are sure we can help.

Our range of acrylic plastic sheets is off the highest standard. Been put to use in all different kind of constructions, from garages, green houses to conservatories our top quality acrylic is designed to last.

To save our clients money we offer a cut to size service. This means you only pay for the acrylic plastic sheets you want. No more waste or spare pieces, this means that you no longer have to throw anything away and you save money in only having to buy the acrylic you need.

Our acrylic besides been versatile is extremely strong. Contractors use our acrylic plastic sheets for safety glass on police vehicles, visors in motorcycle helmets and the clear plastic sheets around a hockey rink, that's acrylic too. With great clear visibility and great durability our acrylic sheets are very useful.

When you're searching for acrylic plastic sheets Liv Supplies should be top of your list. Our personal approach to business means customer satisfaction and with our great competitive prices you will not be disappointed.

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