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Cut to size Perspex is a versatile, tough plastic used for a variety of applications, from bulletproof windows to compact disks (CDs). The main advantage of cut to size Perspex over other types of plastic is unbeatable strength combined with light weight. While acrylic is 17% stronger than glass, cut to size Perspex is nearly unbreakable. Bulletproof windows and enclosures as seen inside banks or at drive-throughs are often made of cut to size Perspex. Add to this the advantage that cut to size Perspex is just one-third the weight of acrylic, or one-sixth as heavy as glass, and the only drawback is that it is more expensive than either acrylic or glass.

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Compact disks and digital versatile discs (DVDs) are perhaps the most readily recognized examples of cut to size Perspex. If you’ve ever archived files on a writable CD, then later tried to break it before throwing it away, you know just how tough cut to size Perspex can be!

Cut to size Perspex lenses are also used in quality sunglasses that incorporate filters to block ultra-violet (UV) rays and near-UV rays. The lenses can also be polarized to block glare, and their high impact resistance makes them perfect for sports. Many sunglasses manufacturers choose cut to size Perspex because it can be easily shaped without problems like cracking or splitting, resulting in extremely lightweight, distortion-free, fashionable glasses that feature all of the health benefits doctors recommend.

Cut to size Perspex is also used in the electronics industry. Apple’s original iMac featured cut to size Perspex mixed with clear colors for a transparent computer case. Many cell phones, pagers, and laptops also use clear or opaque cut to size Perspex in their casings.

Other uses for cut to size Perspex include greenhouse enclosures, automobile headlights, outdoor fixtures, and medical industry applications, though the list is virtually endless. Somewhat less toxic than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to produce, cut to size Perspex nevertheless requires toxic chemicals in its production phase. It is, however, recyclable and environmentally preferable to PVC in applications for which either material can be used.

Cut to size Perspex roofing panels are a durable, long-lasting solution for your exterior roofing needs. Whether your covering a deck, strengthening your roof in critical places, building a carport to keep your automobiles safe from the elements, or just covering a tool shed, it behooves you to consider going with...

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