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Bitumen Sheets & Accessories

Bitumen Sheets & Accessories

Bituwell Hart-S corrugated bitumen sheets are sturdy, economic building materials and suitable for roof angles of between 7 - 85 degrees. Due to their large dimensions, light weight, high elasticity, resistance to water and aggressive vapours and caustic solution they are eminently suitable for agricultural and industrial structures. They are equally useful for private construction purposes, e.g. as roofing for garden sheds or holiday chalets, as a wind-breaker or screens or even as panelling for carports. Bituwell Hart-S sheets can be cut with a hand saw, secured with Bituwell nails and can easily be handled by one person. This means they are ideal for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

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Corrugated Bitumen Sheets
930x2000mm Click Here


Bituwell Ridge Capping
1000w x 160mm
Bituwell Gable Angles
1000w x 160mm
Bituwell Fixing Nails
Qty 50
Wall Abutment Flashing
Eavesfillers Black
Pack Of 10