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Coroline Sheets & Accessories

Coroline Sheets & Accessories

Coroline corrugated bitumen sheet is a tough lightweight roofing and cladding material made from bitumen saturated organic fibres giving the following

important features:

• Economical
• Resilient
• Environmentally friendly
• Guaranteed waterproof for 15 years
• Simple to fix
• High insulation and sound absorbency values
• Compatible with most commercially available construction materials

If you require an additional information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01482 352 932

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Coroline Sheet
2000mm Long x 950mm Wide


Coroline Fixings
Coroline Eaves Filler
840mm Long / Pack of 6
Coroline Verge
1100mm Long / 975mm Cover
Coroline Ridge
1000mm long
Coroline Apron Flashing
930mm Long