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Onduline Sheets & Accessories

Onduline Sheets & Accessories

Onduline Roofing Sheet & Accessories

Onduline is a heavier duty bitumen roofing sheet at 3mm in thickness and 3.3kg per square metre. Available in four colour options including Black, Green, Red and Brown with colour coded fixing buttons and matching ridge and verge. Accessories include PVC rooflight sheet, eaves fillers, apron flashing, eaves tray, batten cloaking piece and ventilator strip.

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Onduline Sheet
2000mm Long x 950mm Wide / 3.0mm Thick
Onduline Fixings
Onduline Eaves Filler
840mm Long / Pack of 6
Onduline Verge
1100mm Long
Onduline Ridge
1000mm Long
Onduline Apron Flashing
930mm Long