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Acrylic Mirror Adhesive

Acrylic Mirror Adhesive

Acrylic Mirror Adhesive - Mirrored Acrylic Circles/Discs

Soudaseal Mirror is a flexible, high strength mirror adhesive based on MS-Polymer®. Compatible with acetone resistant mirrors.
- Single component adhesive sealant
- High initial grab reducing the need for initial support
- High bond strength and fast cure onto nearly all surfaces
- Primerless adhesion even on damp surfaces (due to Soudaseal Mirror’s unique adhesion promotors)
- High performance mechanical properties
- Straigthforward application even in adverse conditions
- Excellent extrudability even at low temperatures
- Ecological advantages – free of isocyanates, silicone, solvents, halogens and acids
- Minimal health and safety considerations
- Resistant to many chemicals and withstands mould growth
- No staining of porous materials such as natural stone, blue stone, marble, granite
- Mirror bonding direct onto the back of the mirror (mirrors must be “acetone safe”)
- Bonding mirrors and mirror walls to all surfaces
- Sealing of joints in mirror walls.
- Applications where waterproof bonding is required


3mm Mirrored Acrylic Circles / Discs
Acrylic Mirror Adhesive

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