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Code 6 Roofing Lead Rolls

Code 6 Roofing Lead Rolls

Code 6 Roofing Lead Rolls - Lead Rolls & Lead Alternative

Lead flashing

Lead Flashing Roll Code 6 Black

Code: 6 / Black
Thickness: 2.65 mm / 0.104 inch
Nominal weight: 30.1 kg/m2
3 meter & 6 meter


Lead falshing roll PDF data sheet download >>

Our lead sheet is suitable for all building applications, including flat and pitched roofing, flashings, gutters, parapets and all other lead detail work.

Lead sheet applications:

The most common usage of lead sheet is to be used as a waterproofing material in the building and construction industry. Lead has a high resistance to corrosion which makes it a perfect element substance to use when placing on a sheet for waterproofing. Liv Supplies lead sheeting is suitable for all building applications which include the flat and also pitched roofing, flashings, gutters, parapets and also many other types of lead detail work. Since our first sale of lead sheeting we have sold over 400,000 tonnes of our finest sheeting and it has successfully been used on roofs throughout the UK and also worldwide.

Lead sheeting is a excellent assistant in noise stopping. Lead sheeting is both a heavy and soft material which means that the lead will stop much of the noise because of the weight and it will also encourage dampening the noise due to the soft characteristic of the elements that are inside the Lead. It is no surprise that our lead sheets are being increasingly getting used to control noises in many of the entertainment industry, hotels, music studios, club and in the marine industry are just a few that use the lead sheeting. We can also produce lead sheeting to your exact specification to suit your soundproofing needs to your exact specifications. In addition we also produce lead lined boards for these purposes.

Radiation shielding
We do lead sheeting ranging in various thicknesses and sizes varying from 0.44mm to 3.55mm to suit many of the different radiation shielding duties. The thin lead sheet has often been able to be used in the medical industry in the X ray rooms and for portable X ray screens. Our very heavy grade lead sheet is being used by the marine industry in their nuclear powered vessels to protect from any other the radiation. The radiation shielding applications, both medical and industrial lead sheeting can be laminated to any of the other materials for the convenience of easy handling of these sheets.

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