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Eaves Seal Foam

Eaves Seal Foam

Eaves Seal Foam - Sunwood Ridge Eaves Crestings & Finials


The Sunwood Range of Timber Supported Products is a branded system of powdercoated aluminium and PVCU Conservatory Roof component parts for anyone building a timber conservatory, whatever the design or specification, for glass or polycarbonate glazing.

The Sunwood range of products is available in two finishes, brown or white (additionally some products are available in mill finish for colour customisation). As well as finished products, component packs are available. These consist of the various component parts in bulk quantities, particularly useful for volume users or where repacking is undertaken.

The Sunwood range offers a complete system for timber conservatories:

  • Aluminium Screw down rafter capping system for glass installations
  • PVCu Snaptyte rafter capping system for polycarbonate roofs
  • Aluminium or PVCu Crestings and Finials for a quality finish
  • High quality aluminium Ogee Gutter system
  • Full range of accessories including seals, box gutters, brackets and tie bars
  • Aluminium Roof Vents with manual or electric controls
  • High Performance Glass Units for timber roofs


Sunwood Ridge
Timber Ridge Top Cap 3 Metre
Powder Aluminium Coated
Plastic Spider Top Cap
Fits All Thicknesses
Sunwood Spider Top Cap
Powder Aluminium Coated
Cresting Channel 3 Metre
Powder Coated Aluminium Extrusion
Cresting And Finial 585mm
Powder Coated Aluminium Casting
Cresting 485mm
Powder Coated Aluminium Casting
Powder Coated Aluminium Casting
Ball Finial
Powder Coated Aluminium Casting
Sunwood Spider And Finial
Powder Coated Aluminium Casting
Eaves Seal Foam
Glazing Material Support Bracket

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