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5mm Clear Petg clear

 5mm Clear Petg clear

QUINN PETG has good optical properties and a brilliant surface.
The QUINN PETG range of sheets are easy to fabricate, to vacuum form, and show an exceptional low
temperature performance.
Important benefits of QUINN PETG are its very good chemical resistance and very high impact
QUINN PETG meets all current food contact legislation and can be used in contact with unwrapped
food. Our UV Grade is not intended for food contact and is therefore not covered by this warranty.
QUINN PETG also combines the following excellent properties:
?´â?¬â???? Easy to vacuum form, need no predrying
?´â?¬â???? Exceptional low temperature performance
?´â?¬â???? Low water absorption
?´â?¬â???? Easy to recycle
?´â?¬â???? Very high impact properties

?´â?¬â???? Bus shelters
?´â?¬â???? Poster glazing
?´â?¬â???? Machine guards
?´â?¬â???? Medical appliance packaging
?´â?¬â???? Displays & signs for external use
?´â?¬â???? Refrigerators and cold storeroom equipment
?´â?¬â???? Bicycle safety helmets
?´â?¬â???? Food containers
?´â?¬â???? Lenticular lenses / Graphic Arts
?´â?¬â???? Lighting controllers for hazardous areas

Ideal for: Bus shelters Machine guards Poster glazing


(max: 2100mm)

(max: 7000mm)

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Bus shelters Machine guards Poster glazing

3mm Clear Petg

Bus shelters Machine guards Poster glazing

4mm Clear Petg

Bus shelters Machine guards Poster glazing

5mm Clear Petg

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