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Standard Rectangles Polycarbonate Sheets

Standard polycarbonate sheet rectangles. Great for greenhouses, carports, canopies and conservatories. You can buy it to the exact measurements you need, and only pay for that amount, cutting down on wastage and price. Standard polycarbonate rectangles come in range of colours including clear, bronze and opal/white. We have broken down the polycarbonate rectangles into their “ideal usage” making it easier for you, to make sure you buy correct type of polycarbonate for your use,

Example of purchase: select the correct polycarbonate for your use, making sure thickness is correct, click on colour. Enter your measurement. So if you want a sheet 710mm wide by 3800mm long, you can order this size and you will only pay for that size. This cuts down on wastage, and allows you to get correct size without having to cut yourself. Our polycarbonate cutting tolerance is +4mm and -4mm.

Polycarbonate Sheets

Ideal For:


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Greenhouse Glazing

4mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Greenhouse Glazing

6mm 'Twin Wall'

Car Ports And Canopies

10mm 'Twin Wall'

Car Ports And Canopies

16mm 'Triple Wall'

Car Ports And Canopies

16mm 'Triple Wall'


25mm 'Multiwall'


32mm Multiwall

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Chemical Resistance

Polycarbonate has good resistance to many chemicals. Some chemicals may harm the polycarbonate sheets. Please contact us when in doubt about any chemical.

Handling and storage

Poly sheets should be transported and stored horizontally, on a flat, sturdy pallet whose dimensions are equal to or larger than the sheets themselves. The sheets must be secured and fastened to the pallet during transportation and handling on site. It is possible to stack the sheets with the longer sheets at the bottom and the shorter on top, leaving no unsupported overhang.

Cut To Size Polycarbonate Rectangles

Our cut to size polycarbonate products:

uPVC Doors