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Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof »

Polycarbonate conservatory roof are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate conservatory roof is a transparent thermoplastic, which is stable, extremely durable and can resist even the most polar of temperatures. polycarbonate conservatory roof are non-toxic, stain resistant, and weigh approximately six times less than comparable amounts of glass sheeting.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse »

Polycarbonate greenhouse traps heat energy in the same way that our planet&rsquos atmosphere keeps us warm, through light wave transformation, and through convection of the air inside the polycarbonate greenhouse. Solar radiation reaches the polycarbonate greenhouse, passes through the polycarbonate, and gets absorbed by the ground and plants inside the polycarbonate greenhouse. The ground and plants transform the solar energy, and convert it to heat energy, which cannot escape through the polycarbonate. The air inside the polycarbonate greenhouse is kept warm by convection, which simply means that warmer air near the ground rises, and the cooler air near the ceiling of the polycarbonate greenhouse falls. Because the polycarbonate greenhouse keeps the air trapped inside, the convection process allows the air to absorb more and more heat each time it rises and falls.

Polycarbonate Panels »

Polycarbonate panels are manufactured out of a hard plastic polymer substance known as Bisphenol A (BPA). Polycarbonate makes an excellent substitute for glass or acrylic, and there are a multitude of uses for panels made of polycarbonates. From the thin plastic lenses found in UV-protective sunglasses, to the thick, bulletproof windows used in security vehicles, polycarbonate panels play an important role in safety and environmental protection

Sheet Plastic »

Sheet plastic are thin pallet-sized sheet made of plastic, heavy laminated kraft paperboard, or corrugated fiberboard used in commercial shipping. Often, these replace the use of traditional wooden pallets. The unit load is usually stretch wrapped or shrink wrapped for stability.

Carport Canopies »

Here at Liv supplies we stock a range of carport canopies. We have a variety from Maxiport canopy systems to cantilever canopy. Our ranges are available in different sizes, so no mater how big or small a carport canopy you're looking for, we can cater for your needs. The majority of our canopies are very easy to assemble and can be used as multi purpose canopies, from patio covers to carport, caravan and children play area canopies.

Conservatory Roof »

Conservatory roofs from Liv Supplies provides a range of different conservatory roofs. From lean-to to full Victorian facet style roofs. Our conservatory roofs are guaranteed to stun your guests with great styles and looks, whilst also standing the test of time from the harsh environments of the weather.

Acrylic Plastic »

We supply a variety of plastic sheeting including acrylic plastics. We stock and supply coloured plastic (Plexiglas), mirrored sheeting, palram PVC foam boards, palclad hygiene boards, polypropylene sheeting and polypropylene fluted boards also known as correx.

Polypropylene Plastic »

Polypropylene is a very tough and durable plastic sheet. Can be used in extreme environments and temperatures down to -40 degrees centigrade. Being able to withstand repeated steam cleaning, resist attack from most chemicals and being non toxic makes is a ideal plastic sheeting for those special environments.

Lead Roofing Sheets »

Most common usage of Lead sheets on rolls is to weatherproof industrial buildings. Due to leads high resistance to corrosion. Lead sheeting from Liv Supplies are suitable for all buildings applications, including flat and pitched roofing, flashings, gutters, parapets and all other lead sheeting / roofing detail work.

Door Canopies »

Door canopies are simple and elegant, with great designs available here at Liv Supplies, you can be sure you will find the right style of door canopy to fit your taste and your homes style and look.

Underground drainage system »

Modern drainage systems incorporate geotextile filters that retain and prevent fine grains of soil from passing into and clogging the drain. Geotextiles are synthetic textile fabrics specially manufactured for civil and environmental engineering applications. Geotextiles are designed to retain fine soil particles while allowing water to pass through. In a typical drainage system they would be laid along a trench which would then be filled with coarse granular material: gravel, sea shells, stone or rock. The geotextile is then folded over the top of the stone and the trench is then covered by soil. Groundwater seeps through the geotextile and flows within the stone to an outfall. In high groundwater conditions a perforated plastic (PVC or PE) pipe is laid along the base of the drain to increase the volume of water transported in the drain.

Acrylic Sheet »

We supply a variety of acrylic sheeting including acrylic plastics. We stock and supply coloured acrylic (Plexiglas), mirrored sheeting, palram PVC foam boards, palclad hygiene boards, polypropylene sheeting and polypropylene fluted boards also known as correx.

Glazing Bars »

Modern windows are usually glazed with a single large sheet of glass per sash, while in the past were glazed with multiple panes separated by glazing bars, due to the unavailability of large sheets of glass. Today, glazing bars tend to be decorative, separating windows into small panes of glass even though larger pans are available, generally in a pattern chosen by the architectural style at use. Glazing bars are often wooden, but occasionally lead glazing bars soldered in place are used for more appealing patterns.

Corrugated plastic »

PALRUF PVC corrugated plastic sheets (corrugated roofing) are uniform throughout and exhibit outstanding resistance to a broad range of chemicals, extreme weather conditions and physical abuse while remaining corrosion free. Due to these exceptional properties, PALRUF sheets are a perfect solution for roofing, siding or cladding in industry, construction and agriculture.

Acrylic Plastic Sheets »

Liv Supplies is not a corporate business; we strive to bring a more personal approach to our clients. We feel customer service is a major importance and we offer products at prices that are very competitive that are sold by staff that are friendly and experienced.

Acrylic Sheets UK »

Liv Supplies is a family run business that operates from two locations that are situated in Hull. Most of our staff is family members, friends and old work colleges. We have years of combined experience within the industry and we are very excited to be bringing our acrylic sheets UK to customers around the UK.

Code 4 Lead »

If you&rsquore looking for code 4 lead then here at Liv Suplies we have a great selection available for you. No matter what you need it for, whether it is sound proofing, water proofing or radiation shielding we can handle any request you might have. We tailor make our lead sheets to your specification that you want whatever size or amount you want will we will make sure that it fits perfectly and is exactly what you need.

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