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Here at Liv supplies we stock a range of carport canopies. We have a variety from Maxiport canopy systems to cantilever canopy. Our ranges are available in different sizes, so no mater how big or small a carport canopy you're looking for, we can cater for your needs. The majority of our canopies are very easy to assemble and can be used as multi purpose canopies, from patio covers to carport, caravan and children play area canopies.

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What is a Carport Canopy?

A carport canopy is a covered structure used to offer basic protection to a vehicle, primarily cars, hence the name. It provides protect from the elements such as rain or sleet. The structure for a carport can either be free standing or attached to a wall. Unlike most structured a carport doe not have four walls and usually has one or two. Carports offer less protection than garages but allow for more ventilation and freedom.

Carport Canopies are suited to domestic use and boast a range of features including;

  • High Quality Material – such as polycarbonate roof
  • No rotting and rusting – via use of aluminium metals and such
  • All weather protection from rain, sleet and snow.
  • Easy access

Almost endlessly versatile carport canopies can be transformed otherwise redundant spaces into such things as carports, barbeque areas or outdoor play areas for children. They can also embellish existing patio areas by providing cover and protect from the weather.

Carport Canopies

Carport canopies are a great and affordable way to offer your vehicle, car, truck or caravan protection from exposure the sun, rain, sleet or snow and mess from trees and birds.

From a variety of styles carport canopies come in simple open sided models to enclosed models with zippered walls and doors for optional protection.

Maxiport Canopies

Our Maxiport carport canopies are self supporting and no excavation, foundations or supporting pillar are needed. With several designs on modular basis meaning that can increase the areas of coverage at anytime without the need for support pillars. Our Maxiport canopies are guaranteed to look as good as it did when it was first installed year down the line. All that it needs in the way of cleaning is an occasional wipe clean.

Maxiport is a complete self supporting canopy glazing system, made entirely from structural aluminium powder coated profiles for strength and durability. These canopies are suitable for use as car ports, Patio covers, play areas, covered walkways, barbecue areas, caravan ports plus many more!

The average household in the UK now has two or even three cars. An average size garage usually has space for only one car, meaning that other cars are left outside to endure the elements. With our canopies, you can protect other cars from the effects of the weather

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