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We supply a variety of plastic sheeting including acrylic plastics. We stock and supply coloured plastic (Plexiglas), mirrored sheeting, palram PVC foam boards, palclad hygiene boards, polypropylene sheeting and polypropylene fluted boards also known as correx.

Coloured Acrylic Plastic – Plexiglas

Colour Acrylic Plastic

Plexiglas acrylic sheets have been considered the standard for the industry since it was first introduced 75 years ago, due to its unsurpassed quality, ease of use, and wide range of colour, patterns, thickness and sizes it is available. We can provide acrylic sheeting in a variety of colours, and different pack sizes. We also supply coloured Plexiglas acrylic plastic sheeting in a range of colours and thickness.

Why use Acrylic Plastics?

As a man made synthetic, acrylic plastic or plastic sheeting refers to plastic that contain one or more derivatives of acrylic plastic acid. Acrylic plastic is tough and highly transparent material with excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering. It is sold under a few different names including Plexiglas and Perspex. It can be coloured, moulded, cut, drilled and formed, making it ideal for many applications including windshields, skylights, taillights, and outdoor signs. Like all plastics, acrylic plastics are polymers.

The average annual increase in rate of consumption of acrylic plastics has been about 10%, with a future growth rate o around 5% being predicted. Despite Acrylic plastics being one of the oldest plastic materials in use today, they still hold the same advantages of optical clarity and resistance to outdoor environments that make them the material of choice for various applications.

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Acrylic Sheeting (aka Perspex):

Acrylic is an extruded high quality acrylic sheet. Acrylic is more transparent than glass. Its inherent UV resistance makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Acrylic sheet can be formed, shaped, sawed and drilled.

Polished Edges:
When acrylic is machined on our CNC system the cutting tool leaves a slight tool mark on the edges. You will find that this is the case when using any kind of saw or router bit to cut acrylic. Polishing eliminates these marks and gives a neat, professional finish which is something all customers are looking for.

Colored Acrylic Plastic Sheets / Plexiglas

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