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Lead Rolls and Roofing Sheets

Most common usage of Lead sheets on rolls is to weatherproof industrial buildings. Due to leads high resistance to corrosion. Lead sheeting from Liv Supplies are suitable for all buildings applications, including flat and pitched roofing, flashings, gutters, parapets and all other lead sheeting / roofing detail work.

Lead Rolls and Roofing Sheets

Lead Roofing Sheets

Over the years more than 400 000 tonnes of our lead roofing sheets have been used throughout the UK and worldwide. Some of that material has even been specified for prestigious buildings.

We stock a range of lead roofing sheets from code 3, to code 4, code 5, code 6, and code 8.

We also stock a variety of lead accessories, that can be used in conjunction with our lead rolls. We have lead dressers, lead snippers, hall clips and much more.

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